Camera Link™ I/F 25M Pixel 65M Pixel Camera


ID25MB-CL/ID25MC-CL is a Camera Link interfaced and 25M resolution, ID65MB-CL/ID65MC-CL is a Camera Link interfaced and 65M resolution camera module.

ID25Mx-CL(C-mount adapter attached) ID65Mx-CL(F-mount adapter attached)

Fundamental Specification

Model Number ID25MB-CL(Mono) / ID25MC-CL(Raw color) ID65MB-CL(Mono) / ID65MC-CL(Raw color)
Output Interface Camera Link (Base ~ Full) Camera Link (Base ~ Full)
Image Sensor / Pixel Size GPIXEL GMAX0505 / 2.5μm x 2.5μm GPIXEL GMAX3265 / 3.2μm x 3.2μm
Image Circle Φ18.102mm Φ37.361mm
Image Output 5,120(H) x 5,120(V) 9,344(H) x 7,000(V)
Pixel Clock 79.75MHz 80MHz
Output Format Mono or Raw color 8/10/12bit Mono or Raw color 8/10/12bit
Frame Rate Base 2Tap : 5.6 fps / Base 3Tap : 7.5 fps / Medium 4Tap : 11.3 fps / Full 8Tap : 22.6 fps Base 2Tap : 2.4 fps / Base 3Tap : 3.1 fps / Medium 4Tap : 4.7 fps / Full 8Tap : 9.4 fps
Gain 0 〜 +12dB 0 〜 +12dB
Shutter Speed Off 〜 1/40,000s Off 〜 1/25,000s
Partial Scan 1 area 1 area
Trigger Mode Fixed shutter / Pulse width Fixed shutter / Pulse width
Signal Output SDR26pin SDR26pin
Lens Mount M42 P1.0 (*C-mount / F-mount adaptor) M42 P1.0 (*F-mount adaptor)
Power Consumption Hirose 12pin or PoCL Hirose 12pin or PoCL
Power Voltage DC12V max. 5.0W DC12V max. 6.0W
Size / Weight 55(H) x 55(D) x 45(W)mm 185 g 55(H) x 55(D) x 45(W)mm 185 g

Spectral Response

※Excludes lens and light source characteristics.

●ID25M Series


●ID65M Series



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●ID25M Series

●ID65M Series