Camera Link™ I/F 3M Pixel(3M) 5M Pixel(5M) Camera


 The ID3M Series are a series of cameras with the CameraLink™ interface.
The ID3M uses 3 Million (3Mpixel) Sony Pregius sensor and The ID5M uses that
of 5Mpixel. The video output is with the 12bit resolution output format

ID5MB-CL ID5MB-CL Rear side

Fundamental Specification

Model Number SONY 3Mega Pixel
ID3MC-CL(Raw color)
SONY 5M Pixel
ID5MC-CL(Raw color)
Output Interface Camera Link Base or PoCL Base
Image Sensor Global shutter SONY IMX265 Global Shutter SONY IMX264
Image Circle 1/1.8inch Φ8.91mm size 2/3inch Φ11.09mm size
Pixel Size 3.45μm x 3.45μm
Image Output Effective Pixel 2,064(H) x 1,544(V) Effective Pixel 2,464(H) x 2,056(V)
Pixel Clock 2TAP :85MHz 3TAP :66MHz(8bit only)
Output Format Mono 8/10 /12bit、Raw color 8/10 /12bit
Frame Rate
(To be accelerated by adjusting vertical line number)
Base 2Tap(66MHz) : 40.2fps
Base 2Tap(85MHz) : 51.7fps
Base 3Tap : 55.6fps
Base 2Tap(66MHz) : 25.5fps
Base 2Tap(85MHz) : 32.8fps
Base 3Tap : 35.6fps
Gain 0~+12db
Shutter Speed off~1/40,000s off~1/37,000s
Partial Scan ROI :1 area (Min. 4line)
Trigger Mode Fixed shutter trigger mode, plus width shutter trigger mode
Signal Output Camera Link Base or PoCL Base
Signal Output Connector Camera Link / PoCL SDR26pin
Lens Mount C Mount
External Trigger Inputs PoCL or Hirose 12pin
Power Voltage DC12V±10%
Power Consumption Typ. 1.5W or below. max. 1.8W or below
Size(excluding projections) 29mm x 29mm x 29mm
Weight 50g
Environment Temperature -5~+45℃ Humidity 20~85%RH, No condensation

Spectral Response

※Excludes lens and light source characteristics.




Download (Technical Manual)

●ID3M Series

●ID5M Series