The ID4M Series are high sensitivity cameras with 4 Mega pixel 11 micron pixel pitch sCMOS sensor. They are ideally high sensitive cameras for a dedicated image processing that requires a sensitivity to ultra violet spectra.
The Gpixel’s GSENSE400BSI ,a backside illumination type of sCMOS image sensor, implements high sensitivity, low noise, and high dynamic range, and is manufactured by Tower-Jazz. It achieves more excellent quantum efficiency(QE) than any other sensors and generates very low read noise.
A user can choose the most suitable sensor for their purpose among the three sensors; BSI-VIS with the 300 ‒ 400nm spectral range optimized, BSI-UV with the 270-300nm range , and BSI-UV with the 230-250nm sensitivity and the excellent 95% Quantum Efficiency (QE) at the visible range.


Semiconductor/Electric materials/Film/Plastic/Printing/Metals/Gas ,etc

Applicable Purposes

Outlook Inspections and Sensory Inspections using UV absorption or high-sensitivity characteristics

ID4MTVISB-CL UV Lens (UV8040BK 78mm F3.8)

Fundamental Specification

Output Interface Camera Link or PoCL Medium(4TAP) / Base(2TAP)
Image Sensor Gpixel GSENSE 400BSI (Rolling Shutter) Gpixel GSENSE 2020BSI (Global Reset)
Sensor Model Number GSENSE400BSI-TVISB GSENSE2020BSI
Image Circle / Pixel Size Φ31.859mm size / Pixel size 11μm x 11μm Φ18.826mm size / Pixel size 6.5μm x 6.5μm
Image Output Effective pixel 2,048(H) x 2,048(V)
Pixel Clock 60MHz 52MHz
Output Format STD mode:Mono 8bit / 10bit / 12bit HDR mode(High/Low) : Mono 8bit / 10bit / 12bit of each Mono 8bit / 10bit / 12bit
Frame Rate Base 2Tap : 27.1fps Base 2Tap : 22.7fps
Medium 4Tap : 54.2fps Medium 4Tap : 45.3fps
Gain 0~+24db
Shutter Speed off~1/32,000s off~1/130,000s
Partial Scan ROI : 1 area
Trigger Mode Fixed shutter trigger mode, plus width shutter trigger mode
Lens Mount M42 Mount P=1mm (C Mount, F Mount Conversion)
External Trigger Inputs Hirose 12pin or Camera Link
Power Voltage DC12V±10% / max 3.6W DC12V±10% / max 4.5W
Size(excluding projections) H : 70mm W : 70mm D : 44mm H : 55mm W : 55mm D : 45mm
Weight 280g approx. 185g approx.

GSENSE400BSI Spectral Response

※Excludes lens and light source characteristics.

GSENSE2020BSI Spectral Response

※Excludes lens and light source characteristics.

Download (Technical Manual)