DUV(Deep Ultra Violet) 4M 8M UV High sensitivity Camera


The ID4M series and ID8M are the UV camera which have less than 400nm ultraviolet rays (UV) sensitivities. The new product, ID8MUVS-CL, installed new SONY image sensor with global shutter function, and it has become a more industrial and effective specification.
Conventional products, ID4M series, have 4M pixels of Gpixel CMOS sensors, and 4M UV camera have two different pixel size models are available. (11μm, and 6.6μm)
Our UV camera line-up became 3 models in total.


Semiconductor/Electric materials/Film/Plastic/Printing/Metals/Gas ,etc

Applicable Purposes

Outlook Inspections and Sensory Inspections using UV absorption or high-sensitivity characteristics

ID4MTVISB-CL UV Lens (UV8040BK 78mm F3.8)

Fundamental Specification

Output Interface Camera Link or PoCL
Medium(4TAP) / Base(2TAP)
Camera Link or PoCL
Camera Link or PoCL
Full(8TAP) / Medium(4TAP) / Base(3TAP/2TAP)
Image Sensor Gpixel GSENSE 400BSI (Rolling Shutter) Gpixel GSENSE 2020BSI (Global Reset) SONY IMX487(Global Shutter)
Image Circle / Pixel Size Φ31.859mm size
Pixel size 11μm x 11μm
Φ18.826mm size
Pixel size 6.5μm x 6.5μm
Φ11.005mm size
Pixel size 2.74μm × 2.74μm
Image Output Effective pixel 2,048(H) x 2,048(V) 2,848(H) x 2,848(V)
Pixel Clock 60MHz 52MHz 49.5MHz
Output Format STD mode:Mono 8bit / 10bit / 12bit HDR mode(High/Low) : Mono 8bit / 10bit / 12bit of each Mono 8bit / 10bit / 12bit
Frame Rate Base 2Tap : 27.1fps
Medium 4Tap : 54.2fps
Base 2Tap : 22.7fps Base 2Tap : 10.2fps / Base 3Tap : 13.6fps
Medium 4Tap : 20.4fps / Full 8Tap : 40.7fps
Gain 0~+24db 0~+48db
Shutter Speed off~1/32,000s off~1/130,000s off~1/13,000s
Partial Scan ROI : 1 area
Trigger Mode Fixed shutter / Pulse width
Lens Mount M42 Mount P=1mm (C Mount, F Mount Conversion) C
External Trigger Inputs Hirose 12pin or Camera Link
Power Voltage DC12V±10% / max 3.6W DC12V±10% / max 4.5W
(excluding projections)
H : 70mm W : 70mm D : 44mm H : 55mm W : 55mm D : 45mm H : 45mm W : 45mm D : 35mm
Weight 280g approx. 185g approx. 115g approx.

GSENSE400BSI Spectral Response

※Excludes lens and light source characteristics.

GSENSE2020BSI Spectral Response

※Excludes lens and light source characteristics.

IMX487 Spectral Response

※Excludes lens and light source characteristics.

Download (Technical Manual)